Getting Started

If you have other questions, please read our FAQ.


Thank you for purchasing PhotoFresh! PhotoFresh lets you view, upload, and manage your photos and videos to your existing Facebook account.

Now, let's get started!


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to log in:

  1. Type in your Facebook username and password in the login popup window. PhotoFresh uses Facebook's official login method.
  2. Tap allow for all the permissions. Without the permissions, PhotoFresh will not function correctly.

If you're having issues with the login or want to know more about the permissions, see our FAQ.


Here's what you'll find from PhotoFresh's Home button and window:

The settings for the app is available from the top level of the app from the Settings button in the toolbar to the right.

Viewing Your Albums

Tap on All Albums and your albums will be listed by date, newest first. Your News Feed, Tagged Photos, and Videos albums will always appear at the top. Each of your albums are represented by stacks of photos. You can pinch out on the stacks to preview the album photos.

Or you can tap on any album and you'll see thumbnails of all the photos in an album.

Tapping on any thumbnail will show the photo in full screen.

Just swipe the screen or use the arrows in the bottom toolbar to move between photos. Tap the screen to make the toolbars appear or disappear. Double tap or pinch to zoom in and out of the picture.

In the thumbnails screen, videos are labeled as so on the thumbnails. As you are swiping through the items in your album, videos are marked with a Play arrow icon in the middle of the screen. To play, tap on the video. It may take a moment for the video to load depending on your Internet connection speed.

To refresh or update any of your albums, just use the "Pull-to-Refresh" feature by dragging down on the screen until you see the "Pull down to refresh..." text at the top, and then letting go.

A slideshow is ideal if you want to show all the photos in an album to your family or friends. Just tap the Play button in the bottom toolbar from the Full Photo view. You can adjust the speed from the Settings tab > Slideshow > Play Each Slide.

Caching Photos

This is a cool hidden feature that happens automatically in the background. As you browse your photos, the thumbnails of your photos and high-resolution images are automatically saved inside the App. This lets you view your photos offline or see them more quickly, even when you're on a slow connection.

Here's a shortcut. You can set entire albums for caching from the Settings > Caching > Album Cache Settings.

And you can always adjust the number of photos you want to keep cached on your device by using the slider under Settings > Caching.

Saving Photos

Sometimes, you just want to have your Facebook photos saved to your iPad's Saved Photos album. There's two ways to do this.

If you're already browsing the full size photo, then you can tap on the Action Sheet button > Save Photo.

If you're in the thumbnails screen, you can tap on the Action Sheet button, which is the button with the folder with an arrow, and save multiple photos at once.


Here's how to share your photos, videos, and albums from PhotoFresh:


The quickest way to get your photos on your iPad to your Facebook account is using the Uploads from the Home button.

Tap on the blue Library button to choose your photos and videos you want to upload. Tap on the green Camera button if you want to take a photo or video from your iPad 2. The uploads will appear in the list in the Uploads tab. If you want to cancel an upload, swipe across the screen and tap on the Cancel button. If you want to cancel all the uploads, tap the Cancel All button at the top of the Uploads window.

Note: On the first upload, you'll be asked to allow access to Your Current Location (Location Services). Make sure to tap Allow. By doing this, you'll be able to upload videos and multiple pictures at once. Please see the FAQ for details.

If you're already inside an album, you can upload from there without going to the Uploads tab. Just tap the Up arrow button, pick the photos and videos for upload, and you're done.

You can monitor the progress of the uploads from the Uploads popover but the App also supports background upload, so you can use other apps while you're uploading. A numerical badge representing the number of uploads you have left will appear over the PhotoFresh icon in the device's Home screen. If you're uploading videos or a lot of high-resolution photos, we recommend you keep the App open, because your iPad will stop background uploads if they're taking too long.

Viewing Your Friends' Albums

To view your Friends' albums, go to the Friends tab from the tab navigation. Add your Facebook Friends using the "+" button.

Using Camera Connection Kit

Quickly upload the photos on your digital camera (including your iPhone!) using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

  1. Connect your camera to you iPad via the Kit.
  2. Import the photos you want to upload to Facebook using the native Photos app.
  3. Open PhotoFresh, choose an album, and tap the Upload button.
  4. Choose "Last Imported" from the image picker and upload.

Remember that the maximum resolution for Facebook photos is 2048 pixels. Uploading at full resolution takes a long time, so you may want to resize the photo before uploading. You can set the size of the photo from Settings > Uploading > Upload Image Size.

If you have other questions, please read our FAQ.