Photofresh - a facebook app for iPhone and iPad

PhotoFresh by Pixite

PhotoFresh puts all your Facebook photos and videos at your fingertips.

Browse, upload, and share your Facebook photos and videos with maximum ease. Enjoy all your friends' albums and all the photos that come through your News Feed, even when you're offline. In one word, it's awesome! View in iTunes ▸

"Infinitely better than the Facebook mobile app in regards to managing photos and videos. The user interface of PhotoFresh is the cleanest, most professional, and most straightforward out of all the Facebook photo/video apps I’ve tried on iOS."


  • View your photos in full screen
  • Pan and zoom
  • Access your friends' albums
  • View your photos offline
  • Play videos
  • Do slideshows
  • Comment on photos
  • Optional passcode protection


  • Upload photos in high resolution
  • Upload videos in high resolution
  • Select upload quality
  • Add captions
  • Upload in batches
  • Create new albums
  • Upload in the background
  • Perfect with the Camera Connection Kit


  • Post photos to your Facebook wall
  • Email photos, links, and albums
  • Save photos to your iPad in batches
  • Show photos on your TV or projector using the VGA connector

We’re Pixite. We created PhotoFresh. You can check out our other apps, follow us on twitter or contact us.